Behold, rider fans everywhere! This is the collection of Kamen Rider sound rips from various video games and commercials that I have been amassing for quite some time and I think my collection has grown large enough that I should begin sharing it with the world! Use them for ringtones, notification sounds, computer operating system sounds, do whatever with them! The “Hikonin Sentai” sound is a little bonus from me. :P

If you check the folder of a Rider who is not the main Rider of that show and find a missing sound, check the folder of that show’s title Rider. (ie the Insert Medal sound missing from Birth is included in the OOO folder) or check another Rider from that series (ie I currently have no Gridon sounds, but in Baron’s folder you can find the standby chime Gridon also uses)

If anyone could help me find more clear, background noise-less sounds to add to my collection that would be great. Examples include the actual “Wing Form” callout from Den-O and pretty much ANYTHING from Gaim.


Why I Think KLK is a Bad Anime but Mostly You Need to Stop Defending it: The Movie.


I explained my thoughts on the series to Emmi on Skype, and they asked me to copy paste it into a text post so they could reblog it. I wasn’t planning on doing an in depth criticism of the show unless I actually rewatched the series because I know I forgot a lot of stuff and I like being thorough. I don’t think I’m gonna do that because it’s a colossal waste of time, but I will give screencaps or whatever for context.

Just a warning, this is long as fuck.

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